SS210’s Blu Ray/DVD Review: Son Of Batman!


The phrase “Batman and Robin” are cemented in my very core of my early childhood introduction to the Dark Knight. The two just seemed to always go hand in hand. DC has gone back in forth over the past couple of decades on whether Batman is better off solo or with his famed side kick. Over the year’s in the DC comics, we have seen the original Robin aka Dick Grayson grow up to evolve into his own hero and success as Nightwing. We got to witness the second Robin: Jason Todd get brutally beaten and killed by the the ruthless hands of the Jokerwith his trusty crow bar. The feedback amongst fans was a mixed affair. DC announced a vote by phone poll for fans to decide the fate ofJason in an upcoming issue. Not sure how close of a poll it was, but the decision was made. Robin would die. Some thought it was just too brutal. Others rejoiced at the fact that Jason ( A Robin not many cared for) was finally done with and were excited to see DC continue with just The Batman.

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