SS210’s Top 10 Games Showcased At The 2014 E3

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With the new generation of gaming hardware almost a year post launch, many would agree that this year was one of the most exciting E3 Gaming Expo in quite some time. Nothing like seeing what the new consoles can do! I personally had plenty of grins on my face as I took a glimpse into the future on what I will be sinking my teeth into this fall and 2015. With one week removed from the expo, I thought it would be fun to share my top 10 titles that gave me the most excitement. As always, I would love to hear everyone’s own favorite E3 titles that we will all have the opportunity to head to our local Gamestop for that midnight release preorder pick up with reckless intentions of staying up all night on a Monday work night. So let’s get to it!  See my list after the JUMP!


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