All-Star Batman’s ‘Duke Thomas’ Getting his own Stand Alone Comic?


For those who have been reading the new Scott SnyderAll-Star Batman‘ comic book series, you know that ‘Batman‘ has taken on a new protege. This time around it is not another ‘Robin‘, but in Batman’s words he is, ‘Trying something new’. With that said, one thing we noticed while doing a review of All-Star Batman #2, was the lack of back story revealed for this new character, who in the book, is just referred to as ‘Duke’. Now, in a recent interview with CBR, Scott Snyder shared that he has plans for a stand alone ‘Duke Thomas’ book. Which could explain why the character is, to this point, light on details and backstory. Check out what he had to say below, and let us know what you think after the JUMP!

Though he’s currently unknown to fans outside the realm of comics, Duke played a big role in Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Zero Year” arc on “Batman,” before going on to factor in the “Endgame” arc, the series “We Are Robin,” and most recently, the latest volumes of “Batman” and “All-Star Batman” that launched as part of DC Comics’ Rebirth. Donning a sleek, yellow suit and the codename “Lark,” Duke is being trained by Batman as a full-fledged partner — but not a Robin.

While talking with CBR, the author discussed the character’s growing importance to Gotham, and whether he might potentially don the cowl one day. “In this way, it’s fun to think about Duke as the figure that could be the next one to take on the mantle of Batman, but the most important thing is finding a role for him in Gotham right now.”

As for Snyder’s plans for the character going forward, the scribe mentioned in the interview that he’s actively “trying to do a series” with Duke, alongside other creators.



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