STAR TREK: Picard SDCC Trailer Hits!

It is the moment we have all been waiting for Star Trek fans, the new trailer for Star Trek: Picard is here fresh from SDCC. In it we see confirmation that some favorite characters will be joining Picard on his new journey including Commander Data and Seven of Nine! Check out the footage below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMPStar Trek: Picard debuts early 2020 on CBS All Access!

The show is set 20 years after the events of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” around the year 2399. This sets the series further into the future than any previous Star Trek series. But fans should not expect to see the same Jean-Luc Picard they know from “The Next Generation” series. During the press tour, Kurtzman teased that the show will be very different and “grounded.” 

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