STAR WARS 2002 Trash Compactor Playset Review!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Welcome everyone, today I am Hitting up another Star Wars playset and I will try and put out some goodies this week as we near the release of the highly anticipated Kenobi series. Today I have the 2002 trash compactor playset which I guess is more of a scenery set. I picked these up when they came out and they are pretty cool. They came in 2 sets that you can put together to make the compactor whole.

The chewy has no articulation and the Leia looks a bit off but the Luke and Han in storm trooper gear look pretty cool. You can easily sub in other figures for different poses, but this looks great if you’re just displaying it. This also comes with the trash monster Dianoga, a few loose junk pieces and the pole they use to try and keep the walls from crushing them which was given a name in The Book of Boba Fett series, “cryogenic density combustion booster.” Over all this is a cool set and I’m happy I found these when they came out. Keep your eyes peeled for more stories and pictures leading up to Friday’s release.


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