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Star Wars Character Grand Admiral Thrawn Has A Rich Backstory!

Welcome to Hondo’s Hideout. The first 3 Episodes of Ahsoka are out and Star Wars fans seem to be satisfied. I watched Rebels animated series with my son so I really got into the characters of this series. I love Chop, Ezra, and the rest of the gang. One interesting villain that everyone is waiting to so in live action is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn has actually been around since 1991. He first appeared in Legends Heir to the Empire. He is an interesting character in Rebels voiced by Lars Mikkelsen.

He always seems to be calm, cool, and collective. Many Villains we see are crazy, loud, angry, but Thrawn never raises his voice, never frets, he just calmly goes about his business. It’s like he is playing one large chess game, he looks 10 steps ahead and makes his opponent play right into his strategy. There have been many images of him in the live action show and I think fans are excited to see him. Although I’m thinking his appearance will be the season finally, he will make a Grand entrance and will leave fans excited for Asoka season 2 aka Rebels season 6.

There are a few figures floating around including a 1998 Expanded Universe, a 6 inch Rebels version that’s pretty nice, and several other 3-3/4 inch figures. Overall this is a really cool villain and I can’t wait to see more Thrawn. Are you a big fan of the Grand Admiral Thrawn character? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Make sure to check back in for more Star Wars stories and reviews.

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