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Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back ‘Cloud Car’ Review!

Story by Mitchell Smith!

The Empire Strikes Back had a great amount of memorable moments which brought a great amount of memorable toys. One of the most iconic vehicles that only got a glimpse on screen was the orange Cloud City Car. This was Lando’s final attempt to warn Han and his crew of the upcoming danger or Trap the crew was about to face. The security car took several warning shots at the Millennium Falcon, but Han did not take the hint and landed anyways. There was a 1980 Cloud car that I did have as a kid so naturally I was drawn to the modern 2010 version.

This is a really cool vehicle that splits into 2 separate vehicles. There was a couple modern versions of the Cloud Car pilots and I have one of each. There is a good amount of detail on this car and it has a unique design and I think it stands out among many of the other Star Wars Vehicles and I would put this one in my top ten even though there are so many other awesome ships over the years. Overall this is one of my favorite designs in the Star Wars world and I’m glad I picked this up years ago. Who had one of these original ships? Make sure to check back for more Star Wars stories, and drop a line of there is something you would like to see in the future.


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