Stephen Amell Defeats Stardust at Summer Slam WWE Event!


Stephen Amell participated in his first WWE event this evening when he wrestled Stardust. And good news Arrow fans, he Won. Get all the details onThe Arrow’s victory below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Much like with every big event in comics, whether it’s Marvel’s Siege or DC’s Blackest Night, there has to be a conclusion. Such is the story between Stardust and Arrow’s leading man, Stephen Amell.

This all started back in May when Amell attended Monday Night RAW and was singled out by Stardust before and after the match. Soon after that, Stardust began calling out Amell on Twitter. The two stars kept going at it over the coming months, including acts like Stardust tearing up a Green Arrow comic.

In a recent interview with, Stardust spoke of his intentions for Amell, even going as far as saying he’s going to eat his heart.

Even though Amell didn’t get the pinfall over Stardust, his partner Neville hit his finisher, the Red Arrow, on Cosmic King Barrett for the victory.



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