Steven Spielberg behind Goones 2!


I am sure many people are worried that a sequel to the iconic 80’s film Goonies is going to be a horrible idea that would ruin the mystique of the original film. You might however change your mind when you find out that Steven Spielberg is behind the idea forGoonies 2. For more on this check out the article below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Richard Donner just loves to talk about Goonies 2, but this time, he’s got a bigger piece of news for you.

Well, the folks at TMZ just can’t seem to stay away from Richard Donner lately. And who can blame them? Mr. Donner just loves to drop impromptu scoops on them. First, it was the news that Goonies 2 is going to be a reality. But now? Now it’s something even bigger, and that might make fans breathe a little easier:

Steven Spielberg is working on Goonies 2. Watch Richard Donner’s latest statement on the matter here:


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