Super 7 Reveals New Masters of the Universe Classics Figures

If you are a fan of collecting Masters of the Universe Classics figures you have probably been anticipating the latest news from Super 7 about their new figure line. And the best part is these awesome figures are sculpted by the legendary Four Horsemen. Check out all the details and images below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

The Evil Weapons Master of the Snake Men comes equipped with sword and snake-tools to aid in his construction of the fiendish serpent weaponry for his comrades. Fangor also comes with flying serpent accessory and alternate head.

The Evil Mutant from the New Adventures of He-Man comes with his Grabatron Meteormace and two part Meteor.

The Heroic Winged Warrior of Avion comes with sword, smoke gun and alternate head.

The Evil Master of Slave City comes with his mace and giant chains.

Superman Premium Format Figure

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