Avengers NOW Trailer is HERE!

If you can’t get enough of the Avengers, get ready for the new Avengers NOW! We have the trailer for you today, you can check that out below and then let us know what you think after the JUMP! (Source: comicbook.com) Marvel Comics has released a new trailer for the Avengers NOW! initiative. Avengers NOW! is the publishing move that sees the company shaking up their heroic Avengers trinity, by introducing a new, female Thor, having Sam Wilson take over for Steve Rogers as Captain America, and inverting Tony Stark’s…

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New ‘Avengers Now’ Comic, Interesting or Trash?

We have been covering the news lately from Marvel from A new Female Thor, to Falcon taking over as Captain America from Steve Rogers. Now we learn today that there is going to be a new less tolerable Iron Man called ‘Superior Iron-Man‘. All of these ‘hero’s’ are teaming up to form Marvel’s ‘Avengers Now‘ Comic book series that is coming. Check out the full skinny on the new series below, then sound off with your opinions after the JUMP! (Source: Screencrush) On the heels of news about Marvel’s new female Thor and word tonight that Sam Wilson…

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