“The Bat-Men: Ranking the Iconic Actors Behind the Cowl”

For over eight decades, Batman has been a symbol of vigilante justice and an enduring icon in the world of pop culture. Created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939, the Dark Knight has captured the imaginations of millions, transcending comic books to become a global phenomenon. With countless adaptations and interpretations of the character over the years, Batman has been brought to life by a diverse group of actors who have donned the cape and cowl. In this op-ed, we’ll delve into the rich history of…

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Christian Bale Envious of Ben Affleck in new Bat-Role?

Isn’t it interesting how the worm turns. A few years back before the massive popularity explosion of everything Super Hero, actor Christian Bale said he was through playing Batman. But in a recent interview, when asked about it, his tune seems to have changed. Check out what he has to say below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! (Source: IGN) Bruce Wayne for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? According to the noughts’ Batman himself, he was jealous of Ben Affleck’s casting as the Dark Knight, and admits he…

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The Exodus: Gods And Kings Trailer Gives Us Plagues, Epic Special Effects And The Wrath Of God

20th Century Fox unleashed the first full trailer for Sir Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings this morning, and the two terms that come to mind, appropriately, are “Epic” and “Biblical.” Starring Christian Bale as Moses, Exodus tells the Old Testament story of the great leader’s exile in Egypt, and his struggle to win back his holy home land from Rhamses (Joel Edgerton). So what do we get in the trailer? Locusts. Frogs. Fire and brimstone. A screaming Christian Bale, trying to out-Heston the greatest on-screen Moses the industry has…

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New Promo Images for Ridley Scott’s Biblical Epic ‘Exodus’!

Today we have some fantastic promotional images for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Biblical Epic, ‘Exodus: God’s Among Us. Check out the images and details for this brand new film below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! (Source: screencrush) Later this year, director Ridley Scott is bringing us yet another film epic with the biblical story of Moses in ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings‘ (formerly titled ‘Exodus’), and today brings an in-depth look at stars Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton and the rest of the cast. It’s a big year for Bible stories, but like…

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Christian Bale Talks Batkid and Ben Affleck Playing Batman!

What does Christian Bale have to say about Ben Affleck playing Batman? And what does he have to say about the super cool story involving Batkid, the boy who through theMake-A-Wish foundation got to be Batman? Check out the article below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: Last week brought one of the most heart-warming stories of the year when the Make-A-Wish Foundation transformed San Francisco into Gotham City for five-year-old “Batkid,” Miles Scott. In an interview with Access Hollywood, former Batman Christian Bale had high praise for the event. “I just think it’s great.…

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Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling Contenders for Batman Role!

Wonder who will be taking up the Cape and Cowl of Batman after Christian Bale stepped away? Well we may soon know, and it looks as if Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling may be top contenders. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: The “Man of Steel” sequel isn’t even written yet, but the search is already underway for Bruce Wayne. The Hollywood Reporter churned the rumor mill over the weekend, listing six names of actors reportedly in contention to play Batman in director Zack Snyder’s upcoming superhero epic. The…

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