New He-Man Movie will ‘NOT’ be an Origins Story?

When last we talked about the latest news regarding the live action Masters of The Universe movie, we learned that Thor Writer, ‘Christopher Yost‘ had been given script the script writing duties. In the latest news today, it sounds like ‘Masters of the Universe‘ will go in a different direction from most big budget action movies, and ‘NOT’ be an origin story. Get the latest on this below, and share your thoughts after the  JUMP! (Source: Christopher Yost, writer for the first two Thor films and the upcoming ‘Thor:…

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Masters Of The Universe Movie is Getting Script Redo!

Word out today is that, while the Masters of The Universe Live action movie is still on tap, the script is being rewritten. The job of redoing the script has been given toChristopher Yost, who is responsible for Marvel movies, ‘Thor: The Dark World‘, and ‘Thor: Rangnarok‘. Get the latest on this below, and share our thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: Marvel Studios mainstay Christopher Yost will be turning his attention to Eternia after he’s finished penning Thor: Ragnarok with Craig Kyle, as according to Variety, Sony Pictures and…

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