Hasbro Officially Announces HASCON 2017!

There was a lot of speculation earlier this year when Hasbro announced they would be putting on their own annual convention, ‘Hascon‘, now at least we know when the first one is going to take place. That time will be September of 2017! What does this mean for your favorite Hasbro brands? Find out all the details below and let us know what you think of their plans AFTER THE JUMP! Hasbro to Create the Ultimate Entertainment and Play Experience by Bringing Its Iconic Brands to Life with First-Ever ‘HASCON’…

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Botcon 2013 Convention Details Released!

Information courtesy of (Botcon.com) Discuss HERE Join us in San Diego, CA, June 27-30, for BotCon® 2013 at the Town and Country Resort to experience one of the largest annual gatherings of Transformers fans! This pop-culture phenomenon continues to take the world by storm, and you will want to be part of this fantastic Transformers event! What will you experience at the show? Special Guests-featuring voice actors, artists and, of course, the Hasbro Transformers Team. The Hasbro Team will be on hand the entire weekend to show you the upcoming…

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