Star Wars Cosplay Interview wth ‘Maid of Might’!

Far left photo by Middle two photos by Far right photo by Photo by : Maid of Might has a huge passion for Star Wars. She also has a huge passion for Disney characters. She brings to life the question, what if Disney characters inhabited the Star Wars universe, and vice versa. Her latest creation A Tangled Mandalorian is a part of a larger project, the Disney Mandalorians. … =3&theater The affable Jessica, aka Maid of Might was kind enough to answer some questions during…

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Serpentorslair Interview with Joe Colton COSPLAY Extraordinaire!

Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography … 498573739/ Joe Colton has been a dedicated costumer since 2009. She has portrayed several characters from several genres and attended numerous conventions. She is currently the Commanding Officer of “The Finest: A GI Joe Costume Club”. You can see her amazing prize-winning work all over the web, including twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Joe Colton, cosplay is a big part of your life. Many people may not know this but you have been in a few fan films including both Operation Red Retrieval…

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