China White, Cupid and Lady Cop Return to ‘Arrow’!

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode of ‘Arrow‘ titled, ‘The Sin-Eater‘ is here. In it we learn that 3 of the ‘Star City Sirens’ are coming back to town and they are all itching to get Oliver. It seems that they have heard that he killed Detective Malone, and they are out to get payback. Check out the details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. Arrow, ‘The Sin-Eater‘ is slated to air on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7pm Central on the CW.   CHINA WHITE, CUPID AND…

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ARROW Season #4 Episode #16 ‘BROKEN HEARTS’ Synopsis Released!

Today we have the official synopsis released for the upcoming #16th episode of this season of Arrow titled, ‘Broken Hearts‘. We had originally thought that the photo released of Oliver and Felicity getting married was an actual wedding, per comments list week from the show’s producers. But, after reading the synopsis below, you will understand what the photo meant. Check out the details and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! CUPID RETURNS TO WREAK HAVOC ON STAR CITY – A heartbroken Cupid (guest star Amy Gumenick) returns to Star City…

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