‘New’ GalacticPlastics.net Custom Shop Decals!

New Offerings from Serpentorslair Sponsor GalacticPlastics.net! We now have partial custom sheets available for anyone who is working on a smaller project and doesn’t need a full sheet. 1/2 SHEET (5.5″ X 4.25″) – $10 + SHIPPING 1/4 SHEET (5.5″ X 2″) – $6 + SHIPPING $2.50 SHIPPING IN THE US, MESSAGE FOR INTERNATIONAL QUOTE. PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU MESSAGE SO I WILL KNOW TO CHECK MY OTHERS FOLDER.

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‘GALACTIC PLASTICS’ Custom Design Sticker Sheet Offer!

Okay folks, we’re looking to add some new designs to our catalog and we need your help! If you have an idea that would make a good pre-design sheet, let us know about it and you could get one of our “Designer’s Special” deals. Not only will you get your custom sheet for only $10 (regular price for custom sheets is $15), but you get a 20% code for additional purchases! And the 20% off applies to your entire order, be it one sheet or 10. We do have a…

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