New Promo For THE FLASH Sn #2 Ep #18 “Versus Zoom”!

Unfortunately for fans of The Flash, we are stuck with another 2 week hiatus before the next new episode. However, we are all wondering if if the actual ‘Jay Garrick‘ is really ‘Zoom‘, or just exactly how many Jay Garrick’s there are! One thing is for certain, in the next new episode titled, ‘Verses Zoom‘ we are going to learn about the sick and twisted back story of Zoom, and mabee more details on what is up with ‘Jay Garrick‘. Check out the all new extended trailer below, and be…

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Earth 2’s ‘Caitlyn Snow’ Revealed in Leaked ‘The Flash’ Set Pics!

We knew at some point that Daniel Panabaker’s character on ‘The Flash‘ was going to become, ‘Killer Frost‘. But now it seems that the ‘Caitlyn Snow‘ that will become ‘Killer Frost‘ is actually going to be on ‘Earth 2’. Thanks to some leaked photos from the shooting of The Flash, we have evidence of this to share with you today. Check out the shots below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

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