Jim Gordon Meets Leslie Thompkins Fiance in new ‘GOTHAM’ Clip!

This week on the 3rd episode of Gotham, Dr. Leslie Thompkins is back in town with her fiance, and it looks as if he and Jim Gordon are going to cross paths. Today we have new promo clips for this week’s episode titled, ‘Look Into My Eyes‘ as well as a gallery of promotional photos for you to check out. And remember, ‘Mad Hatter‘ makes his debut on this week’s episode as well. Gotham, ‘Look into My Eyes’ airs Monday at 7pm Central on Fox! Join in the Conversation AFTER…

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Morena Baccarin Cast In Gotham As Dr. Leslie Thompkins!

Dr. Leslie Thompkins, personal councilor of Bruce Wayne, has been cast for this season of Fox’s ‘Gotham’. Actress Morena Baccarin from ‘Firefly’ will be taking on the role. For more on this check out the news below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: comicnews) Morena Baccarin has been cast for the role of Dr. Leslie Thompkins in FOX’s Gotham. As Deadline reports, Baccarin will have a reoccurring role throughout Season One with plans to become a regular cast member by Season Two. The Leslie Thompkins character will retain…

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