The Original ‘POWER RANGERS’ Reunite at The New Movie Premiere!

One thing that the new Power Rangers movie has done, is make sure it has plenty of nods to the now classic live action TV series. To that end, the original Power Rangers cast members reunited for the Premiere of the new film, and we have the details on the awesome event below. Power Rangers opens in theaters nationwide TODAY! Make the JUMP to the forum and join in the conversation! The new film, which opens in theaters on March 24 (that’s 22 years after the original feature film, if…

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Power Rangers Movie Villain Rita Repulsa Debuts in New Photo!

If you grew up watching Power Rangers in the 1990’s, you probably remember the villain, ‘Rita Repulsa‘. But what you might not know is that in the new Power Rangers live action film, Rita Repulsa is returning, this time with an all new updated look. Today we have details on her new look and her role in the film for you to check out below. Is this how you want ‘Rita Repulsa‘ to look in the new Power Rangers movie. Share your opinions AFTER THE JUMP! Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth…

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Elizabeth Banks Is Returning to Direct ‘PITCH PERFECT 3’!

Great news for fans of the Pitch Perfect movie franchise. Word out today is that Elizabeth Banks is officially returning to direct ‘Pitch Perfect 3‘. For the latest on this, check out the news below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! (Source: screencrush) Elizabeth Banks made a solid transition from actor to director on Pitch Perfect 2, so solid, in fact, that she’s already lined up two other directing projects. But before she gets to those, she’s been asked to return to the director’s chair for Pitch Perfect 3,…

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