G.I. Joe Collectors Club FSS 5.0 Darklon Reveal!

The G.I.Joe Collectors Club has revealed the next figure in their upcoming G.I.Joe FSS 5.0. Today’s reveal is the popular Iron Grenadiers character, ‘Darklon‘. For everyone who was angry or disappointed that they didn’t have the opportunity to get this character as a ‘Convention Exclusive’, now is your chance. Check out ‘Darklon‘ below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

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G.I.Joe FSS 5.0 First look at Ambush!

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has posted their first reveal from the upcoming FSS 5.0 and it is ‘Ambush‘. For those who are not familiar with the character, Ambush was originally released in 1990 as part of a new generation of Joe Characters. Now Ambush is back in modern era style, and the figure is just outstanding. But we want to hear what you think of the figure. Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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