TRANSFORMERS Masterpiece Grapple MP-35 In Hand Pictures!

Masterpiece Transformers collectors have been waiting to get their hands on the new Inferno retool being released as ‘Grapple‘. Today we have some of the first in hand images of the figure to share with you, so you can get a look at all the details ‘Grapple‘ has to offer. Check out the gallery of images below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Photos courtesy of 2月TFは映画にリファインにビーストにG1(2月後半発売TF品プレビュー

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Transformers Masterpiece Grapple New Images Emerge!

If you were looking forward to getting a good look at the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece ‘Grapple’ figure, we have a treat for you today. Thanks to Weibo user 塞缪尔520tf we have some new more clear images of the upcoming ‘Grapple‘ figure, which is a repaint of the previously released Masterpiece, ‘Inferno’. Check out the images below, and let us know if ‘Grapple‘ lives up to your expectations AFTER THE JUMP!  

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