Transformers Titans Return ‘HIGHBROW’ Video Review!

If you were a fan of collecting the Transformers ‘Headmasters‘ figures when you were a kid, or if you like season 4 of the original Transformers Cartoon, you are probably a fan of the ‘Highbrow‘ character. Now he is back with an all new figure in the Transformers Titans Return lineup, and today we have a video review of the figure for you to see if he meets with your approval. Check out the review in the player below, and sound off with your opinions AFTER THE JUMP!  

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New Transformers Titans Return Figures and Dinobots At Cybertron Con!

Clearly, Hasbro’s new Transformers ‘Titans Return‘ line is one of the nicest lines of ‘Generations‘ figures that have come out in a while. Recently at Cybertron Con, Hasbro unveiled great images of the second wave of figures in this line, as well as a look at upcoming ‘Dinobots‘, that have not been released as part of the ‘Generations’ line to this point. Check out images of your favorites like Six Shot, Chromedome, Highbrow and more in the gallery below, and sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Source: TFMizer…

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