Marvel Legends Series 3.75″ 2016 Wave 3 ‘Quasar’ Revealed!

Today we have the reveal of the last figure in the Marvel Legends 3.75′ 2016 Wave 3, and it is ‘Quasar‘. Earlier this week we revealed the other characters in this wave which include Morbius, Rogue, and Hydro-Man. Does this wave have you excited to collect Marvel Legends in 2016? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hydro-Man Coming to Marvel Legends Series 3.75 Wave 3!

Today Hasbro has revealed that Marvel’s ‘Hydro-Man‘ will be a part of the Marvel Legends 3.75 inch series in the upcoming Wave 3! Check out the image reveal below and let us know if you are excited to see the new Hydro-Man Marvel Legends figure! Join in the Conversation after the JUMP! Slippery villain makes his series debut in 2016 Hydro-Man is our first reveal in this week’s Hasbro Pulse unveiling of Marvel Legends 3.75” Wave 3. It’s the series debut for the longtime Marvel villain. Hydro-Man transforms his body…

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