New Solo BATMAN Movie Takes Place Inside Arkham Asylum?

Two inside sources have now confirmed that the story line Ben Affleck’s upcoming stand alone ‘Batman‘ movie is going to take place inside Arkham Asylum? Will this mean that we are going to see several of the characters from the ‘Suicide Squad‘ movie migrate their way over to the Batman film? Lets hope so. We do know that ‘Deathstroke‘ is going to play a prominent role int he film, and how that ties into Arkham we are are unsure at this point. What do you think about these latest revelations…

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New Trailer for ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Is Here!

This movie may only appeal to our female readers but it is high time they received equal billing right? Today we have a look at the sequel To Channing Tatum’s‘Magic Mike‘. This time around its, ‘Magic Mike XXL‘, and you can check out what is going down in the new trailer below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: “Listen, our first trailer for Magic Mike XXL was heavy on the fan service, but I really think our innuendo-to-seconds ratio was way too low.” “But… we had ‘Pony.’…

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