THE POP EXPOSE – The Celtics vs Lakers Eighties Rivalry! Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone today I’m switching gears from the NFL after a great season and getting into the NBA. Rivalries ain’t what they used to be and the Lakers / Celtics rival in the eighties will probably never be matched. This isn’t todays game for sure. In a day when the 3 point shot was there but most teams relied on the inside game and the physical rough play and banging around down low. I was watching 30 for 30 and both the Lakers and Celtics would kill any team today…

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The POP-EXPOSE ‘Magic vs Bird’ by Mitchell Smith!

Earvin Magic Johnson was born 8/24/59 in Lansing Michigan. He was dubbed Magic at the age of 15 playing for Everett High School where he averaged 28 points and 16 rebounds. Larry Bird was born 12/7/56 in West Baden Springs Indiana. He played high school ball at Spring Valley High where he averaged 31 points and 21 rebounds per game. They first met in college. Magic was at Michigan State and Bird at Indiana State. Both teams reached the NCAA finals in 1979 and this became the most watched college…

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