Marauder Gun Runners Shares New “Painted Product Samples”!

Marauder Gun Runners has shared some more amazing images of their upcoming action figures. These are sure to absolutely blow you away. The details and accessories they are putting into these are unparalleled in the industry. They are proving that you can make a high quality product and people will take notice and purchase it, as their Kickstarter goal was met in 24hrs time! Check out the images below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: Marauder Gun Runners via Facebook)

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Marauder Gun Runners now Offering Action Figures!

Hey Folks! Marauder “Gun-Runners” is excited to introduce the MARAUDER TASK FORCE Action Figures! Highly detailed, fully articulated figures with multi-role customizable designs and featuring a wide variety of “modular” interchangeable accessories. The nameless, faceless, minions are ideal “army builders” or perfect “backup” troopers to use with other currently available action figures. “Night-Ops” Marauders, “Desert-Ops” Marauders, “Urban-Ops” Marauders…whatever mission, the Marauder Task Force figures can fill the need. The Marauder Task Force figures feature multiple designs, several color options and a large number of accessories. REMOVABLE Helmets, headgear and vests…

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Marauder Wave 7 Complete Parts and Pics!

Here is the finale list and pics of wave 7 enjoy! 1st column: -NCM mark II Pulse with removable Ammo Magazine -Model 1887 Shotgun -Galil Assault rifle with WORKING stock & removable Ammo Magazine -Modular Fo6c Compact Assault Rifle with 2 (TWO) Interchangeable Stock designs & removable Ammo Magazine -Modular SWAT Machine gun with SLIDING stock, removable Ammo Magazine & Silencer 2nd column: -Modular AKs74u Assault Rifle with WORKING stock, removable Ammo Magazine & Silencer -Modular Commando Assault Rifle with WORKING stock & removable Ammo Magazine -Laser Rifle -Modular T9…

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