THE POP EXPOSE ‘The Last Dance” Review By Mitchell Smith!

The Last Dance is now on Netflix. This 10 episode documentary follows Michael Jordan and the dominating Bulls in the Nineties. Not only does it look at the players, but also looks at the coaching, staff, front office, fans and families of many of the players. I got into sports in general in the late eighties and nineties. The Bulls run was early on in my teen years. I didn’t have a favorite basketball team at the time and the Bulls seemed too good to hop on the bandwagon. It was easy…

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The POP-EXPOSE ‘Michael Jordan’ by Mitchell Smith!

This week’s article courtesy of Serpentorslair Contributor Mitchell Smith! MICHAEL JORDAN One of the all time most successful basketball players on and off the court, Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn in 1963. Jordan was drafted from North Carolina in 1984 in the first round. Hometown hero Hakeem Olajuwan was 1st overall pick to Houston where he had an extraordinary career, Sam Bowie was 2nd with high hopes, but ended up having a disappointing career, and Jordan drafted 3rd by the Bulls would become their franchise player. Jordan had a…

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