The Hidden Hero: ‘Muskrat’ in G.I. JOE – The Underrated Gem You Didn’t Know You Were Missing!”

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I. Joe figure that is under appreciated in my opinion. The 1993 Battle Corp Muskrat is a figure I never hear anything on. This is actually a really cool version. I had the original Muskrat as a kid and I think everyone will agree he is awesome. Somehow I think the 1993 version slipped through the crack. Now he was oddly changed from a jungle/swamp soldier to a heavy fire specialist but the figure itself had potential. There are…

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G.I.Joe FSS 3.0 Muskrat Revealed!

Today we have a look at th 5th reveal in the G.I.Joe Collectors Club FSS 3.0! Muskrat, which originally was released as part of the 1988 collection is fantastic and is sure to be a hit with fans. Check out the figure below and let us know what you think after the JUMP! (Source: G.I.Joe Collectors Club)   G.I. JOE SWAMP FIGHTER: MUSKRAT – 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure – Based on the Version 1 Action Figure from 1988 – Includes G.I. Joe Logo Stand, Removable Boonie Hat, Removable Vest,…

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2015 G.I.Joe Figure Subscription Service Lineup Revealed!

The Lineup for the next G.I.Joe Figure Subscription service is up, and there are a lot of characters that are going to be instant hits with G.I.Joe Collectors.  Also, released today was the G.I.Joe Collectors Club 2015 membership subscription figure. This is going to be “Arctic Doctor Mindbender“. We will be getting another club exclusive vehicle in 2015 as well, and this will be the Cobra Wave Crusher with Sub Viper. Check out the list that we will be getting below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! 1) Alpine v2…

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