Naughty Dog To Release Season Pass For ‘The Last Of Us’

Developer Naughty Dog has announced today that they will be allowing preorder’s for a season pass to the much awaited PS3 exclusive, The Last Of Us.The season pass will be available for $19.99 and in addition to including two multiplayer map packs,a 90 minute documentary of the making of the game, and a story DLC add on.Several additional goodies such as healing, and faster reloading perks are just icing on the drake…I meant cake.The Last Of Us will be available on the PS3 on June 14th. Join in the Discussion…

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Latest ‘The Last Of Us’ Trailer!

Many viewers who caught the season finale of Walking Dead last weekend were treated to a real treat during commercials.Developer Naughty Dog released a new trailer for the June 14th release of The Last Of Us!Today we now have via the web a extended trailer titled “The Red Band“.Many gamers who have had the honor to play any game from the Uncharted series will no doubt tell you the pedigree of games Naughty Dog is known for.Enjoy the trailer below, then join in the Discussion after the JUMP! [youtube=]

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