Paul Walker’s Brothers Lending A Hand For ‘Fast N Furious 7’

When the sudden and tragic death of Paul Walker’s death hitting the world, many assumed that Fast N Furious 7 (which was just over 60-75% completed) would of been cancelled. In the following weeks of world wide mourning, Walker’s family gave their blessing to finish the film and bring closure to the series and it’s fans. Being reported this week, it appears Walker’s family will be giving more than just their blessing. Announced on their Facebook page, brother’s Caleb Walker and Cody Walker will be filling in for the film’s final scenes.…

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Universal Pictures Releases Paul Walker Tribute Video

With the December 10th DVD and Bluray release date just a few days away for Fast and Furious 6, the world is still trying to process the sudden and tragic death of Paul Walker. In addition to Universal Stuidios announcement that a portion of the home video proceeds will be donated to Paul Walkers favorite charity-Reach Out WorldWide-, the studio has also released a special tribute video to Paul Walker as well. As of now, many are speculating that the sequel, Fast 7, may be officially cancelled. Going to be…

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