Story by Mitchell Smith Hello everybody I hope Sunday Morning is finding you well. Today I am taking a look at Shameless. Shameless is a popular television series that has captured the hearts of viewers across the globe. The show is known for its gritty, honest portrayal of working-class life in Chicago and its unflinching look at the struggles of a dysfunctional family. The series first premiered in 2011 on Showtime and has since become one of the network’s longest-running and most successful shows. The show centers around the Gallagher…

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Halo Live Action TV Series is a GO!

For fans of the Halo video game franchise who have been hoping for a TV series based on the game, we have exciting news for you. Showtime, the premium cable network has ordered 10 episodes for a Halo live action show. Check out the latest news on this below and let us know if this is a show you will be interested in watching AFTER THE JUMP! Production is expected to commence early next year so it could be a while before we get any casting or story details but Showtime has a…

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Series Season Finale Trailer For Showtimes ‘Dexter”

Showtime has released the trailer for what will be the eight and final season of the popular t.v. series, Dexter. Anyone who caught the season seven finale will no doubt agree that this final season should be one for ages of prime time television.So Dexter fans , be sure to mark your calendar for the season premier on Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Join in the Discussion after the JUMP! Source:Showtime [youtube=]

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