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“Record-Breaking Sales: Transformers #1 Nears 200K – Duke #1 Set to Rewrite History?”

Transformers #1 is on the brink of selling 200,000 units worldwide after three printings, solidifying its position as the best-selling launch of any Hasbro-related comic to date. Back in September, BleedingCool.com highlighted the historic success of Robert Kirkman’s Energon Universe, declaring Transformers #1 as the best-selling comic book launch from Hasbro in the 21st century. This groundbreaking achievement has shifted the landscape of comic universes, challenging the dominance of Marvel and DC. Now, the spotlight turns to Joshua Williamson, Tom Reilly, and Jordie Bellaire’s Duke #1, poised to make its…

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“Loki Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Secrets Unveiled, Chaos Ensues!”

In the latest thrilling installment of “Loki” Season 2, Episode 3 takes us on a rollercoaster of surprises, revelations, and chaos. As we dive into this action-packed recap, be warned that spoilers are inescapable. Renslayer’s Enigmatic Mission: The episode kicks off with Renslayer emerging from a time door in 1868 Chicago. Her task? To deliver a mysterious package for Miss Minutes, with instructions from He Who Remains. Her reward? The promise of ascending to the top of the TVA hierarchy alongside Miss Minutes once the multiverse is restored. Little does…

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