The POP-EXPOSE ‘Starz “Spartacus” by Mitchell Smith!

Starz “Spartacus” Spartacus is an age old story of true accounts about the rebellion against Rome at the start of the rise of the Roman Empire. Spartacus who came do be a slave to Roman Lentulus Batiatus in the year 73 BC, was trained and battled as a Roman Gladiator. Forced to fight in an arena as crowds looked on and cheered and many a coin switched hands on the account of who’s throat would be slit that day. Much like many sporting events in our modern world, only many…

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Patrick Stewart and Seth MacFarlane team up for new TV Show!

Make it So Number 1! Well not quite. Comedic icon Seth MacFarlane and the former StarTrek Captain, Patrick Stewart are teaming up once again for a new comedy that will air on the Starz network. The show is called, “Blunt Talk“, and is sure to have you rolling in the floor. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: screencrush) We haven’t made very much of Starz’s new offerings since ‘Spartacus‘ went off the air, but the network’s latest acquisitions are bound to turn a few heads. Already guaranteed for two seasons,…

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