Nostalgia Unleashed in the 25th Anniversary GI Joe Collecting Adventure of 2007

Welcome to the Outpost. Wow what a year 2023 has been. I know there have been a lot of Joes we have been anticipating, but Hasbro really cranked out a lot of classified figures from several different years and multiple generations. I love the Classified line but the 3-3/4 inch will forever fill my heart. I went through my favorite Christmas hauls from 1982-1994, now I want to take a look at when I started collecting and some of those highly anticipated and sometimes hard to find figures. It seems…

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G.I. Joe Classified G.I.Joe 

“First Look Inside! Unveiling the 60th Infantry and Big Boa in G.I. Joe Classified Series with Exclusive In-Package Shots”

A sneak peek into the upcoming G.I. Joe Classified figures has emerged, showcasing in-package shots of the G.I. Joe 60th Anniversary line’s Action Soldier Infantry, a celebration of the brand’s birthday, and the real-life military Cobra’s Big Boa, complete with boxing gloves. Anticipated to hit shelves in early 2024, these figures suggest exciting developments in the production pipeline. Dive into the quick pics to catch a glimpse of what’s on the horizon.

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Serpentor's Lair