Video Review – Transformers Constructbots Hound!

There are some real Gems in the new Transformers Constructbots line, and the new Hound Figure is one of them. Check out the great video review we have on the figure below and share your thoughts on the figure after the JUMP! (Source:   I have to say that Hound is probably my favorite Constructbot thus far. It really does look like a complete vehicle mode and I like how the weapon is integrated into vehicle mode. Pick this one up.    

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New Transformers Construct-Bots Seven new figures Revealed!

For those of you looking forward to getting into the new Transformers Construct-Bots figures, you will be excited to know that there will be Seven new figures coming to this line in both Scout and Elite classes. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source Thanks to MTV Geek we have some new looks at the Scout and Elite class Transformers Construct-Bots. Transformers Construct-Bots – New G1 Style Toys With Interchangeable Parts jump out of no where with what is clearly the next…

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