G.I.Joe ‘Valor vs Venom The Movie’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Where does the 2004 Valor vs Venom movie fit in to the G.I.Joe mythos? I recently watched the 2004 G.I.Joe Valor vs Venom movie for the first time. Comparing it to the 1987 GI Joe movie or any of the 80’s cartoons is not really fair so I’m going to take it for what its worth and see how you think it sizes up and breaks down with the rest of the franchise. First off this was a trying and transformation stage for animation, so the CGI was laughable at times, but overall it…

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Half The Battle 

Half The Battle – Featuring G.I.Joe ‘Razorclaw’!

In celebration of Halloween Half The Battle is going ‘Monster Crazy’ this month with monster and genetically mutated character profile reviews! This week we are taking a look at ‘Razorclaw‘, one of Dr. Mindbender’s creations from the Valor vs. Venom era of G.I.Joe. So check out this week’s episode of Half The Battle below, and then make the JUMP to the forum and join in the conversation!

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Serpentor's Lair