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“Ryan Reynolds Unveils New Deadpool 3 Set Image with Bold Suit for Summer Release”

Ryan Reynolds, renowned for his teasing antics, is gearing up for a spectacular return to the big screen this summer as the iconic Wade Wilson in ‘Deadpool 3.’ The actor, well-known for keeping fans on the edge of their seats, recently provided another tantalizing glimpse into the highly anticipated sequel. In his Instagram post recapping 2023, Reynolds not only shared snapshots from his diverse projects but also unveiled a fresh look at Wade Wilson’s suit for the upcoming movie. Exciting MCU Debut: ‘Deadpool 3,’ poised to mark Wade’s maiden venture…

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Marvel Legends Deadpool 12″ Action Figure Video Review!

If you have been looking to pick up an epic ‘Deadpool‘ action figure in 12’ scale, look no further than the new Marvel Legends 12′ Deadpool figure. Wade Wilson has never been bigger or more detailed as a Marvel Legends action figure. Jam-packed with all of the articulation you love, this mighty hero is ready to save the day and fight for what’s right! Or at the very least, he’ll make fun of it. Check out our all new video review for the figure below and if you like what…

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Deadpool Lifesize Bust by Sideshow!

Get ready to take selfies with Sideshow’s new Marvel Comics Deadpool Lifesize Bust! This life size bust of Deadpool is 28 inches tall and will be available between October and December of 2017 for the price of $979. Check out the photos and details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Because everyone needs Wade Wilson’s head to intimidate their neighbors, scare household pets or add a touch of sex appeal to their collection! Sideshow is proud to unveil an all-new version of the notorious Merc with a Mouth.…

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