‘Booster Gold’ Coming to ‘Legends of Tomorrow’?

It looks like a big reveal is in store for fans on the season finale of ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘. In recent reports, the CW has stated that the team traveling on the Waverider will be changing up from time to time, and it looks like DC favorite, ‘Booster Gold‘ may be joining the team in the season finale. For more details on this, check out the details below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has been a solid addition to The CW’s weekly superhero programming…

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Legends of Tomorrow’s Marc Guggenhiem Teases New Character for the Show!

In an interesting photo shared by ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘ show runner Marc Guggenhiem, it looks like another cool DC Comics character is in the works for the show. That mystery character is ‘Waverider‘! Check out the details below, and share your thoughts after the (Source: comicbook.com) Last night, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed a rather cool behind-the-scenes production detail for the show…and it has to do with a DC Comics superhero. Earlier this weekend, Guggenheim tweeted out the image above (you can see the…

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