The Duxford Flying Legends 2015 Photography by ‘Thundershot’!

Today we are bringing you all of the fantastic World War II era planes and actors who participated in the Duxford Flying Legends show 2015. If you are a fan of World War II era memorabilia you are going to love these photos. Be sure an make the JUMP and join in the Discussion. Special Thanks to Serpentorslair Photographer ‘Thundershot‘ for the photos!  

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The POP-EXPOSE ‘Why World War II Has Stayed So Marketable’!

(Story courtesy of Serpentorslair Contributor ‘Train‘) Why has WWII stayed so marketable? WWII (enough said I hope), the conflict between the Axis which was mainly the German, Italian, and Japanese forces who sought to genocide all races other than their own, and pretty much the rest of the world was allied forces who gave there lives to get to Hitler and stop a made man. Hitler was one of the cruelest leaders of modern History and the Japanese Army was relentless in the Pacific to try and keep control of…

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