Stranger Things 


Get ready to be excited because Netflix has dropped an all new trailer for the upcoming 3th season of Stranger Things, and it is choked full of exciting footage. Check it all out below and sound off with your thoughts and theories about the upcoming season. Stranger Things is set for release on Netflix sometime in 2022. A love letter to the ‘80s classic genre films that captivated a generation, Stranger Things is a thrilling drama set in the seemingly normal Midwestern town of Hawkins, Indiana. After a boy vanishes into thin air, his close-knit group of…

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Wynona Ryder Confirmed for BeetleJuice 2?

Yesterday we told you that Tim Burton and Michael Keaton were on board to make a sequel the the 1980’s classic movie, ‘Beetlejuice‘. Today it was confirmed that Wynona Ryder will be returning as well. For more on this, check out the news below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! (Source: Tim Burton has assumed his human form for the Big Eyes promotional tour, and he came with glad tidings: Winona Ryder is returning for the “closer than ever” Beetlejuice sequel! Quoth Burton, “I worked with [Ryder], I…

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