Takara Masterpiece-11NR Ramjet is Coming!


Some new information has surfaced regarding a new Masterpiece Transformer. That Transformers character is ‘Ramjet‘. For those Transformerscollectors who are hoping to get all of the seekers in Masterpiece scale this is great news. Check out the details from TakaraTomy below, and sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: TFW2005)

Takara has just updated the Takara Tomy mall for a new Masterpiece listing – Ramjet! In what is hopefully the first of three conehead Masterpiece seekers, Ramjet is shown here in robot mode and jet mode. He is listed as MP-11NR, so that indicates he will be using the MP-11 mold as the base mold for the figure. He is scheduled for release in late February, 2016 and will run roughly $134.00 US. It looks like Takara will not be holding back on Masterpiece releases for the 1st quarter of next year!


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