Takara Tomy Announces Transformers 30th Anniversary Projects

Takara Tomy Announce Transformers 30th Anniversary Projects - G1 Special Edition Optimus Prime, More Projects (1)__scaled_600

Did you wonder what the originator of the Transformers Toy line Takara Tomy has in store for the Transformers 30th Anniversary Celebration? Well today we have some great info on some of the projects they have planned, many of which are sure to knock your socks off. Check out all the details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: tformers.com

2014 is the 30th anniversary of Transformers! 30 Anniversary Transformers, full-scale start-up!

Events suitable vehicle convoy trailer version, such as Transformers Expo, 30 anniversary Lots!

30 Anniversary Transformers, full-scale start-up! To match the information ban toy 4th movie “Transformers / Lost Age” “Transformers 30th anniversary project” has been announced!
The theme is “Real Sensation (feeling)”. It felt real to the concept of “Transformers lurking in Everyday Life”, such as get experience Various planning are provided.

Project 1

Vehicle convoy trailer production version!

Revive the track of modern vehicle mode of primary commander convoy! “Primary convoy is” re-scanning “the track of modern!” Speaking style Transformers I should be able to realize in the real convoy. Updated schedule information “convoy, covert action NOW!” Special content!

※ The image is a complete image.

Project 2

Toy launch countdown event “Transformers Celebration 2014” Ikebukuro, May 16 (Fri) held late at night! It is released shortly before the date of the “Transformers Movie Advanced Series” From midnight on Friday, May 16, at Toys R Us Babies R Us, Ikebukuro Sunshine City store Holding of “Transformers Celebration 2014” is decided! Other set up a special department, counting down toward the launch, a large screen The Ya screening of opening picture of the past and anime trailer of the movie “Transformers / Lost Age” We are also planning limited special plan the day.

※ The details information is updated from time to time in HP plans of this place!

Project 3

Exhibition of Transformers largest ever 17 (Sun) held determined from (Saturday) “Transformers Expo” 8/9! Over on Sunday the 17th from Saturday, August 9, at the Pacifico Yokohama (Exhibition Hall B · C) It is an event of Transformers largest ever in Japan that the “Transformers TRANSFORMERS EXPO Expo” will be held is decided! And a huge image of the Transformers world’s largest class of grade 7 ~ 9m height, exhibition of the actual vehicle in the movie,

Huge diorama that can experience yourself as if entering into the world of movies as Transformers, And and 3D projection mapping of topic now, It’s Transformers space experience events of unprecedented scale.

And, April 25 to Friday, “slug G1 color (some plated)” is attached at Lawson Ticket Will be released in limited quantities a special ticket. Organizer: NTV, Tomy

URL: Http://Www.Ntv.Co.Jp/TFE/

Project 4

Participated in SUPER GT “. Mach Optimus Prime feat!” Racing car that you designed in the image of Optimus Prime of the movie scampering in the circuit in the SUPER GT! Team piloted this car is “Mach vehicle inspection with Transformers 30th!” This racing car, “movie Optimus Prime is” re-scanning “the Mach!” Speaking style Transformers I want you to realize Transformers lurking in circuit, the real of such vehicle.

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