TakaraTomy Arts Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) Megatron!

MDMT (10)__scaled_600

Today we have a plethora of new photos for the highly anticipated TakaraTomy Arts Mega Drive. This was the Megatron that transforms into a Sega Genesis. Check out the images and details on this figure below and let us know what you think after the JUMP!


The Alfes2010 Twitter has posted a bunch of new photos of Mega Drive Megatron, in-hand and looking good! The Decepticon leader, cunningly disguised as the Japanese equivalent of the Sega Genesis, stands slightly taller than a Voyager-class figure and comes with a gamepad and a non-operational copy of Sonic The Hedgehog! Keep reading to see the photos!
Of all the evil things the Decepticons have done, perhaps the worst is reminding us that Sonic used to be a series we enjoyed and looked forward to.


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