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THE FLASH Casts Tony Curran as ‘Despero’ for Season Eight!

We have exciting news today about a new villain coming to The FlashDespero, one of the original villains that the Justice League battled in DC Comics is coming to The FlashDeadline is reporting that actor Tony Curran has been cast for the role. As of now we do not know if this will be the ‘big bad’ for next season, but if he is, it could make for a very exciting story arc. Are you excited about this news? Sound off below and share your thoughts. The Flash will return this fall on The CW!


In the comics, Despero appears as a monstrous alien who rules over the planet Kalanor. He also possesses a third eye on his forehead that gives him the power of mind control along with telekinesis and telepathy. According to The Flash’s description of the character, the series will introduce Despero after he leaves Kalanor “under mysterious circumstances.” He’s also “facing a deadly mission on Earth, one whose outcome will decide the fate of humankind and put him on a collision course with Team Flash.”

The show’s take on Despero will also have telepathic powers like his comic book counterpart. However, it’s not clear if he will be using any of his other abilities. Obviously, Curran isn’t exactly a dead ringer for the classic supervillain. So unless the producers are planning to give Despero a more human appearance, he will likely be a CGI creation.


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