‘The Flash’ gets a New Love Interest for Season 2!


Just when you thought that Barry Allen and Iris West were going to live happily ever after, another woman enters the picture. Are you dissapointed? Find out more about who Barry Allen’s new love interest is going to be on Season 2 of CW’sThe Flash‘, and let us know what you think after the JUMP!

(Source: comicbookmovie.com)

Who knows what Barry Allen’s life will look like when he emerges from the singularity in season two of The Flash, but regardless of any changes to the timeline, we now know that he’s going to have a new love interest. It sounds like romance between Barry and Iris won’t be happening just yet!

TV Line reports that The CW is cuurently looking to cast Wendy, a “spunky, fun and funny” character who is a a cop for Central City PD. She’s described as bright and scientific minded, and worryingly, the casting call states that those looking at the role should “Think ‘Felicity Smoak’ from Arrow”. One Felicity is arguably more than enough, but here’s hoping this one cries less.

Anyway, this sounds like a newly created character for The Flash rather than anyone from the comics, but do you guys have any theories? As usual, share your thoughts in the usual place!
Source: TV Line


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