THE FLASH – Season 2 Episode #12 Promo ‘Fast Lane’!


Barry ultimately had to make a huge decision in this week’s episode, allowing the Reverse Flash to live in order to save Cisco’s life. In next week’s all new episode titled, ‘Fast Lane‘ Joe is going to have to deal with his son, ‘Wally West‘ and his penchant for drag racing. Check out the promo for next week’s episode of ‘The Flash‘ below, and let us know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Barry (Grant Gustin) teams up with Wells (Tom Cavanagh) to figure out a way to close the breaches, but they are distracted by a meta-human nicknamed Tar Pit (guest star Marco Grazzini) who can transform into liquid asphalt. Iris (Candice Patton) is concerned for Wally’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) safety after she finds out about his drag racing hobby. When he refuses to stop she makes a bold move that puts her in danger.


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