THE FLASH Season #4 ‘Big Bad’ Revealed?

According to we now know the main ‘Big Bad’ villain coming to ‘The Flash‘ next season. And one thing is for sure, this guy is not another speedster. According to the story, the villain will be the DC Comics villain, ‘The Thinker’. ‘The Thinker‘ uses one of his high tech gadgets, his ‘Thinking Cap’, a metal helmet that projects a mental force. As you might expect ‘The Thinker’ can use his tech to mind control other individuals. For more details on this, check out the news below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. The Flash returns this fall on Tuesday’s at 7pm Central on the CW.
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Clifford “Cliff” Carmichael ‘The Thinker’ was an intellectual bully and the rival of Ronnie Raymond (one half of Firestorm) at Bradley High and later at Vandemeer University. Cliff viewed Ronnie as a rival due to Ronnie’s instant popularity. [3] Cliff tormented Ronnie throughout his high school career and later at Vandemeer University. It was at Vandemeer that Cliff’s pranks turned sinister, as he cut the helmet strap on Ronnie’s football helmet, hoping to get him injured. Hugo Hammer, Cliff’s cousin, accidentally took Ronnie’s helmet and during a football game, his neck was broken.

Wracked with guilt after accidentally paralyzing his cousin, he was admitted into a mental institution. For some reason, scientists started an experiment with the now-abandoned “Thinking Cap” of the original Thinker (who was believed dead at the time) and used Carmichael as a guinea pig. Cliff used the cap to analyze the cap and improve on its design. Implanting microchip versions of the helmet into his own brain, Cliff became a “cyberpunk maniac” with meta-human powers. As the new Thinker, he was drafted into the Suicide Squad after he tried to kill Oracle and Amanda Waller. After several missions, he betrayed them for the villainous Cabal. He has since resurfaced as a foe of Jason Rusch, the new Firestorm. When Killer Frost discovered that the consciousness of Raymond, the previous Firestorm, existed within Rusch,[4] Thinker exploited a new opportunity to antagonize an old foe. Technologically dominating the minds of Multiplex and Typhoon, he battled Firestorm, ultimately forcing the dissolution of the Raymond persona. Motivated by his predecessor’s final words of encouragement, Rusch dissolved the enhancements in Carmichael’s brain, leaving him in a comatose state.


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