THE FLASH Sn. #5 ‘Big Bad’ Revealed?

People have been speculating since Tuesday about who the big bad for next season of The Flash will be. Now the web is buzzing with the speculation that next year’s villain will be we have some details to share with you! A new casting breakdown suggests that Geoff Johns creation will be the villain ‘Cicada’! Check out what we know so far and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

According to That Hashtag Show, The CW is looking for an actor in his 40s of any ethnicity to take on the role of a metahuman currently referred to as “Desmond Paull.”

According to the site, “after a mysterious interaction with dark matter, [he] was given not only immortality but also the gift to disable other meta-human powers. He blames metas for everything that has gone wrong in his life and because of that, his mission is to wipe Central City free of them in order to silence his own anguish.” 

David Hersch, a.k.a. Cicada. Created by Geoff Johns, he first appeared in The Flash #170 and got his powers when he was hit by a bolt of lightning while attempting to kill himself. He later started to believe he was connected to The Fastest Man Alive due to their origins being so similar and a vision revolving around him being able to resurrect his wife – after he killed her – led him down a path which saw him use lightning bolt daggers to kill anyone The Flash had saved.


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