THE MANDALORIAN – Season 2 First Details Hit!

We have Breaking news as the first details and images for the upcoming second season of The Mandalorian have hit. Unfortunately with this news we still do not have an official premiere date for the second season to begin. In the meantime check out the details and photos below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Talking to the site about what’s to come, Gina Carano weighed in on all those casting rumours, stating: “Some of them are true, some are not sure. I have no question fans are going to like this season even more – everything’s in there. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re going to get to see things you’ve always wanted to see.”

As for what Karga will be getting up to now he’s aligned with Dune, Carl Weathers chose his words carefully, explaining that he’s now “on a quest to be more legitimate,” adding, “but I’m not sure there isn’t something in the back of his mind that isn’t more self-involved.” He and Dune have grown so close by this point, though, they can “almost finish each other’s sentences.”

THE MANDALORIAN – Season 2 First Details Hit!

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